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Siddharth Malhotra

Lover of the Day

Will you be my lover of the day,

Love me like those fairy tales,

Sing sweet melodies to me like those nightingales,

Promise me the sun, the moon and forever you'll stay

Even if it's just till the end of today

I want to remember what it was like

To be swept off my feet,

To lose my appetite to eat,

Please give wings to my imagination,

I want to feel wanted, I want to feel this heat,

Even if, from tomorrow, we can never meet.

Take me back to those days,

Where I made stupid mistakes,

Wrote silly names on birthday cakes,

Stood up late night, talking nonsense,

Fantasizing impossible situations, creating suspense,

I want to feel your love so bad, so intense,

That it makes me scream

You look so dreamy to me,

You're just a dream

Once again, I want to feel your lips,

Embrace you in my arms and slide my hands on your hips,

For one last time, I want to commit a crime,

In this illusion, you're always mine.

Let's do everything that this world calls cliché,

Fall in love with each other, never say goodbye,

Keep you alive in my memories, I want to cry,

And if there's a god I want to pray,

Another one comes in my life and be my lover of the day

Siddharth Malhotra is an Indian artist and engineer by profession. He uses poetry, quotes and short stories to express extreme emotions and modern day love. His work is mostly inspired by his childhood trauma, travels and unrequited love.

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