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Ben Overlaet


Panopticon's reign
claims every horizon.
Death will follow
                      – quickly,
like regret after a goodbye.

Impossible mourning for lost seclusion
brings beads of a soft cry
to imaginary eyes.
Grief permeates their view –
            a lament that never dies.

Familiar silences howl
through sweeping dreamlike hills.
Home of my imagination –
a dwelling of forgotten skills.

Ben Overlaet is Doctor in Philosophy and Moral Sciences and holds a Master’s degree in Visual Research. His doctoral dissertation dealt with the French/Algerian philosopher Jacques Derrida, with a strong focus on deconstruction, dissemination, the abyss, aporia and undecidability. His interests include deconstruction, romanticism, literature, linguistics, aesthetics, ethics, existentialism, phenomenology, painting and music. He already has several exhibitions of his visual work to his name and he is also the front man of an alternative rock band. He translated Derrida's La vérité en peinture into Dutch. And he writes poetry.

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