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Whether you write haikus, free verse or Spenserian sonnets, your work is likely to find an appreciative home at Seedling Poets. We are poetry and creativity enthusiasts, and are very open-minded when it comes to what we enjoy reading.

That being said, there are a few ground rules that we would like to establish before you submit work to us.

  1. We are committed to giving new writers a platform. In order to be considered for inclusion on our website, you must have fewer than three poetry publications to your name

  2. You can submit up to three poems. The maximum length for each poem is 50 lines, not including the title or blank lines. Preferred file types include: .doc, .docx, and .pdf

  3. Please include a brief (under 100 words) biography with your submission

  4. You can submit to us from anywhere in the world, but your work must be in English, and must not be a translation of another poet

  5. Submissions must not have been previously published in print or online

  6. You may submit your work simultaneously to us and other publishers, but please let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere

  7. Copyright remains with the authors, but we reserve the right to publish the poems online

We are unable to pay contributors currently because we are an unfunded website; run out of single-minded passion.

Please send your work to We aim to respond to all submissions within 5 working days.

We look forward to hearing from you.

an independent press dedicated to new writers
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