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Natalie Castagnola

I am Eve

I am Eve
I am a woman
I am a woman of faith
I have the body, curves, flesh of a woman
I have a child’s mind
I am a good girl
I am wildly curious
I have all the nourishment to keep me satiated, but nothing sounds so decadent, so indulgent as knowledge
The world’s dead weight already slouched upon my tired, tight shoulders
I made the wrong decision
I made the best decision
I made a decision
                              just a decision
My fangs tear and gnash the fruit’s seductive meat
What a troubling delicacy for a woman to feast on philosophy!
What anguish that sliver of cognition!
How can I not partake?
I made the first ever decision,
                              they can come if they’d like

Natalie Castagnola has a background in education and has always loved literature and writing. When she is not writing Natalie enjoys traveling, walks, and a hearty laugh with good company. Her main works can be found on her blog.

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